Cedric Lee, iginiit na hindi malala ang ginawa nila kay Vhong Navarro

Cedric Lee insisted that the charges filed against him by Vhong Navarro were false.

It can be recalled that Lee was found guilty of illegally locking up Navarro in 2014 after they caught him inside Deniece Cornejo’s condominium unit.


In a statement, Cedric said that they didn’t even put Navarro under their custody for more than a day.

He also believed that the decision of the court was too much.

“Nagkasakitan lang ng kaunti… Hindi naman dapat magkaroon ng reclusion perpetua para sa bugbugan lang,” said Cedric.

Navarro’s state after the incident was well-publicized, and they even stayed at St. Luke’s Hospital for two weeks due to his condition.


Lee’s legal team was preparing to appeal the decision before the Court of Appeals.

Meanwhile, Navarro’s supporters asked Lee to stop talking and let his lawyer release statements.

“Cedric let your lawyer speak,” a netizen said.


“You have the right to remain silent, Cedric,” another netizen commented.


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