Netizen who claims to know KC Concepcion says that the actress ‘friendzones’ Mike Wuethrich

A netizen who claimed to be a friend of KC Concepcion revealed information about the actress and her rumored boyfriend, Filipino-Swiss banker Mike Wuethrich.

In her Instagram post, KC shared her message with fans and invited them to watch her birthday vlog.


“You’re invited to my intimate birthday ‘salubong’ at home, which began with fresh flowers and a sweet card from Swizzy all the way from Switzerland! More on this night with some of my nearest and dearest in Manila — now up on my channel!” said

KC’s post received comments from her fans, who assumed she was still connected to Mike amid the rumors that they were already separated.

However, a netizen claimed that KC and Mike didn’t even have a relationship in the first place.

“Swizzy got Friend Zones. They were never a couple. They just dated. Friends sila,” the netizen said.



“Why can’t you accept the truth? You need to move on with the idea that they are a couple because they are not. KC was mentally and emotionally drained and stressed out with him. You like that for her? I thought you care for her. She already made a decision that they will be friends. Respect her decision. I will repeat so you get it this time. They are just friends. You dig? Or do i have to say it to you again if you still can’t grasp that statement? And by the way, there is nothing funny for someone who’s trying to heal. She is trying to heal. She just being nice to him. Gets mo?” the netizen added.

To prove the legitimacy of their claim, the netizen said that KC knows him/her.


It can be recalled that Mike’s birthday message to KC received attention from the netizens.

“Happy birthday @kristinaconcepcion [heart emoji]. I hope you find what you deserve [praying emoji],” he wrote.

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