Anak ni Pambansang Kolokoy, tiniis ang takot sa eroplano para lamang makita ang ama

Joel Mondina, a.k.a; Pambansang Kolokoy’s son, Aaron Mondina, went viral on social media after he visited the Philippines for the first time together with his mother, Miss Grace.

In a Facebook post, Miss Grace shared some of the photos of Aaron while he was trying to try the Filipino lifestyle, including eating at a Karinderya.


After many years, this was the time Aaron had the courage to take a long flight to the Philippines.

Some fans of Miss Grace were also surprised when Aaron took a flight to the Philippines despite his fear of air travel.

“Wow good job Aaron, you have conquered your fear in flying! Momma Dockie pls keep watch closely the foods he’ll eat, d yan sanay sa ganyang kainan but really we appreciate you having Aaron experience a life of simplicity,” netizen Ghee said.


According to Miss Grace, Aaron bravely faced his fears just to see his father.

She also clarified that Joel didn’t contribute to Aaron’s ticket and she shouldered all the expenses on their travel to the Philippines.

It’s not yet known if Aaron and Joel already met.

It can be recalled that Joel went viral on social media after he made accusations towards his former partner and children.




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