Janella Salvador, tinalakan ang kaibigan ni Richard Juan na inaming walang oras manood ng local films

Janella Salvador couldn’t hide her disappointment with Richard Juan’s friend, who admitted that s/he had no time to watch local films.

In an Instagram post, Richard shared a conversation with his friend while promoting the movie he produced featuring Janella and Thai actor Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, Under Parallel Skies.


“I really did not expect anyone to say this to me. “No time for that.” Grabe. Seryoso ba? As a new producer, these words really broke my heart. Ang sakit,” said Richard.

“But this really highlights the challenge that all we Filipino filmmakers face, because let’s be real — lahat tayo may mga kaibigan na ganun din. I get it, not every film will resonate with everyone, and that’s 100% fine. Criticism is part of it naman talaga. But dismissing all local films outright? Wag naman? Sobrang sakit talaga,” he added.


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Richard also mentioned the importance of their movie, saying that it was the first local film distributed by Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, Janella shared Richard’s post to criticize the said individual.

“People who think they’re too good for local films,” said Janella.


“It doesn’t make you sound more sophisticated, just straight up arrogant and condescending,” she added.

Richard’s friends also criticized the said individual.


Ang tawag dyan, FEELING COOL. Yan yung mga very low mentality na ang feeling nila cool kapag foreign at baduy kapag dito satin. Nakakasuka sya. SOCIAL CLIMBER at its finest,” netizen Anton said.

“I really find Pinoy films/movies plain and repetitive talaga kaya minsan sobrang boring na, dinadala nalang talaga ng actors minsan. Sobrang pili nalang yung nakaka hook talaga at may ibang timpla. Pero I wouldn’t do this for an invite napaka feeling relevant naman nito,” netizen Magus remarked.


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