Dating tirahan ni Diwata sa ilalim ng tulay sa Pasay, ipinasilip sa mga netizens

Many netizens were inspired by the story of the social media sensation, Deo Balbuena, also known as Diwata, who now owns a popular Paresan in Pasay City.

But before fame started after being featured by hundreds of content creators, Diwata lived in poverty and stayed for years under the bridge of Diokno Boulevard.


It can be recalled that Diwata started his business near his makeshift house and started to be recognized by content creators as the man who was featured on a news report in 2016.

A content creator personally visited the bridge where Diwata started to dream of escaping poverty.

Below the bridge, it showed a very narrow space where Diwata was believed to spend his night.

“Isipin ninyo bago narating ni Diwata ‘yung sitwasyon niya ngayon ay dumaan muna siya sa ganitong pamumuhay sa ilalim ng tulay,” he said.


“Grabe ang hirap,” he added.

Currently, the place was already cleared from informal settlers, and Diwata was already living comfortably in a different place, far from the uncomfortable makeshift house he built under the bridge.

Diwata reportedly earned millions of pesos a month in his Paresan business.


Netizens were hoping that Diwata would use his money wisely and secure his future as they believed that his social media popularity would not be permanent.

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