4th Impact, humingi ng paumanhin sa ‘online limos’ para sa kanilang mga alaga

Girl group 4th Impact made an apology after they received criticism on social media after they launched fundraising to build a bigger kennel for their almost 200 Shih Tzu pets.

The fundraising went viral last March, which aimed to raise P5.6-M to buy a farm for their furbabies.


In their post on GoFundMe, 4th Impact member, Almira said that due to the number of their pets, some neighbors already complained about the noises coming from their kennel, which forced them to separate some of their dogs.

4th Impact received criticism from the netizens, and experts, calling them irresponsible for letting their fans shoulder their mistakes.

The criticism was also intensified by their attendance at Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore.

In a Facebook post, 4th Impact’s member, Mica Almira, said that they’re refunded the money they received from their fans.


“I will not let anyone stop our dreams. I will defend my group and my family ..my sisters are the most amazing humans I know,” Mica said.

They also explained that their first five Shih Tzu were not related to each other and most of their offspring only came from one male dog.

The group also explained that their tickets for Taylor Swift’s World Tour were gifts from their fans.


“We are closing this chapter and that we are NEVER irresponsible pet owners,” she wrote.

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