Carmina Villaroel, inamin na hindi makakatungtong sa bahay niya ang partner ng anak niya kapag hindi niya type

Carmina Villaroel’s statement on a podcast together with Candy Pangilinan, Janice de Belen, and Gelli de Belen went viral on social media amid the issue between Darren Espanto and Cassy Legaspi.

In the podcast “Wala Pa Kaming Title Podcast” which can be found on Janice’s Youtube channel, Carmina was asked if her children, Cassy and Mavy would invite someone into their house, and later on, realized that they didn’t pass on her approval meter.


Carmina responded that she would be assertive to the people surrounding her children whom she didn’t like.

“Ako kasi whether friends, kapitbahay, o kaeskwela, very open kami. ‘Pag may nakuwento sila o na-witness ako, sinasabi ko agad na hindi ko sila type,” said Carmina. “Sa case ko na gano’n ‘pag sinasabi ko agad, hindi na ‘yan makakaulit sa bahay,”

She even said that even if her child’s partner is not an exemption from her rule.


“Hindi ko nga siya matatangap! Ano ako mag-a-adjust du’n sa girlfriend?” she stated.

It can be recalled that Carmina was being accused by netizens of being controlling to her children when it comes to their love life.


Some even told the television host that she must stop interfering with her children as they’re old enough to decide for themselves.


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