Babae na kasama ni Zoren Legaspi sa Baguio, nagbigay ng paliwanag sa mga netizens

The mystery woman who went viral on social media after she thanked Zoren Legaspi for a ride had addressed the netizens who were speculating about her real relationship with the actor.

It can be recalled that netizen Yhen Yhentot posted a photo of her while posing with Zoren in Baguio City and even wrote a caption thanking the actor for fetching her to the City of Pines.


The photo received mixed reactions from the netizens especially when they saw how Zoren hugged  Yhen.

When the photo went viral on social media, Yhen was forced to explain to the netizens that she was only joking and their meeting happened during the lockdown period.

“Nagpaalam kame to take pictures po sa bigbike nya… ginawa pa nga nmen na photographer sya kasi di tlga nmen alam na sya si zoren… nang inalis helmet nya tsaka namen narecognized na si idol zoren po pala sya,” she wrote.


“Hindi siya suplado hehehe, di nga namin alam na si Zoren yan kasi na-amazed lang kame sa gwapo niyang motor siya pa ang ginawa namin photographer tas nung tinanggal niya helmet niya si Zoren pala,” she added.

She insisted that there was no special relationship between her and Zoren and she was only a fan.




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