Off-limits muna! Diwata, nakiusap ng privacy sa mga vlogger na pumupunta sa kanyang paresan

Social media personality and entrepreneur Deo Jarito Balbuena also known as ‘Diwata’ made a plea to content creators visiting his ‘Paresan’ to stop swarming his kitchen.

In a video posted by Blogger ng Bayan, Diwata revealed that the kitchen of his establishment would be off-limits to all content creators.


“Hindi muna pwede at huwag niyo akong pilitin kasi gusto ko rin naman ng privacy,” he said.

According to him, they already put limitations on what the content creators should cover unlike when he was still selling on the sidewalk, where everything was open to the public.

The social media personality hoped that content creators would respect his request for privacy without receiving any negative reactions.

“Mayroon na tayong kitchen so kailangan na natin ng limitasyon, wag kayong magagalit kapag hindi kayo pinayagan dahil karapatan ko naman ‘yan,” he stated.


Diwata further explained that all food establishments are strict when it comes to giving access to their kitchen.

It can be recalled that Diwata’s business became popular after he became the favorite of content creators who covered his dishes.

However, his popularity also forced him to stop selling on the sidewalk and do business legally.

Diwata was also busy gathering all the required permits to stop the closure order against his establishment.



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