Sarah Lahbati, hindi naniniwala sa paghihiganti: “I believe in Karma”

Sarah Lahbati said she didn’t believe in seeking revenge against the people who had done wrong things to her, saying that she would let ‘karma’ work against them.

During the press conference of TV5’s ‘Lumuhod ka sa Lupa,’ Sarah, who’s one of the leading actors of the program was asked whether or not it’s okay to seek revenge.


The actress didn’t hesitate to reveal that she was a believer in “Karma,” and seeking revenge would not give her peace.

“I believe in Karma. For me personally, there’s nothing more expensive than peace. We cannot get peace if we seek revenge,” she said.

“There’s power in prayer like Tito Cupcake (Gardo Versosa) said, and there’s a certain feeling na hindi mo makukuha by protecting your peace and again you don’t that by seeking revenge,” she added.


It can be recalled that Sarah was facing issues due to her separation from her former partner, Richard Gutierrez.

Sarah also went viral on social media after she was spotted with a man during her vacation in Hong Kong, but she clarified that it was only a friend of hers.

However, she said there was nothing wrong with people speculating as she was currently single.


“It’s okay because again, I am single. Let me repeat that I am single so of course there will always be speculations,” said Sarah.

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