Bagong kanta ni Shaira, nakitaan ng ilang netizen ng pagkakapareho sa jingle ng isang ride-hailing app

The Queen of Bangsamoro Pop, Shaira, was facing another issue as netizens noticed that some part of her newest song, ‘Selos na yan, Friend’ was similar to a jingle by a ride-hailing app.

According to some netizens, the rap part of Shaira’s new song was similar to the “Angkas, Tara Na!” jingle of the ride-hailing app Angkas.


“Bakit parang hawig sa kanta na “Angkas” yung sa part na selos,” a netizen asked.

“ANGKAS TARA NA [laughing emoji]” another netizen wrote.

Even some netizens visited the YouTube video of Angkas’ jingle to verify their hunch.

However, some fans of Shaira believed that having the same drum beat or rhythm cannot be considered as plagiarism.

They also told the critics of the singer to stop trying to prove that her newest single was copied from other’s work.

It can be recalled that Shaira became popular not only because of her songs but also due to the copyright issues she faced.


Her first popular single, “Selos” was deleted from online platforms after it was found similar to Lenka’s “Trouble is a Friend,”

Meanwhile, her other songs were also removed after it was found similar to music created by Indonesian artists.

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