Queen of B-Pop na si Shaira, tila may patama sa kanyang mga kritiko sa bago niyang kanta

The Queen of Bangsamoro Pop, Shaira released a new single that showed her transformation after she became popular nationwide due to her song ‘Selos’ and copyright issues.


In her new song, “Selos na Yan Friend,” which was released last Friday, Shaira took some reference from the now-deleted song “Selos” to take a swipe against her critics.

The music video highlighted the beauty of her hometown, Cotabato City.

Shaira also showcased her talent in rapping together with local Bangsamoro artists.

The new song of Shaira received mixed reactions from the netizens.

Most of her fans praised her new single, while others expressed doubts about the originality of the song.


Some netizens even reportedly tried to investigate if her new song was copied again from artists from another country.

It can be recalled that Shaira received criticism on social media after her song ‘Selos’ was found to have the same melody as ‘Trouble is a Friend’ by Lenka.

Her song “Forever Single” was also reportedly copied from Indonesian Band Papinka’s single “Masih Mencintainya,” while Shaira’s “Babaero” was also found similar to Siti Badriah’s “Lagi Shantik,”

Due to her issues, she was also called “Queen of Copyright” by her critics.


However, some of her fans believed that Shaira was receiving unusual criticism due to her ethnicity as a Moro, saying that she may not receive disapproval if she was an artist from Manila.

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