Scripted talaga? Isang netizen, tinanong kung magkakilala ba si Taragis at Mang Ramil

A netizen expressed skepticism about the April Fool’s prank released by a Takoyaki Shop, which gained millions of online engagement.

It can be recalled that Ramil Albano put the logo of the Taragis Takoyaki Shop on his forehead, believing that the business establishment was really offering P100,000 to anyone who could do the said challenge.


Several hours after they posted the challenge, Taragis only clarified that they were only pranking and initially insisted on not giving money to Albano.

Fortunately, Taragis decided to just give the money to the man, who said that he would use the money to help his son with Down Syndrome.

However, some netizens expressed their doubts about the legitimacy of the story.


Some artists believed that the logo, which Albano put on his forehead was not supposed to heal in just a few days.


A netizen also posted a video showing Taragis owner, Carl Quion, meeting with Albano in an old video they published.

While some said that the story of Albano was not true, they were still thankful that it would benefit his son to acquire his special needs.

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