Ilang netizen kinuwestiyon kung planado ba talaga ang April Fool’s Joke ni Taragis

Several netizens questioned the legitimacy of the story behind the April Fool’s joke launched by a Takoyaki Shop.

It can be recalled that the Taragis Takoyaki Shop went viral after they published a photo of the man who took their prank seriously.


They also initially refused to pay P100,000, but after several hours of receiving criticisms on social media, Taragis finally waived and gave the money to the man.

While the issue became one of the most discussed topics this month, some netizens expressed skepticism about the story’s legitimacy.

Netizen Chonna Mae called out Taragis for deleting her comment, saying that she only tried to point out the inconsistency of the story.

According to her, it would be impossible for the man to get the tattoo done in just 30 minutes.


She also noticed that the tattoo was not fresh anymore.

Internet celebrity Xian Gaza also said the same thing, saying that people was wasting their time on the said issue.


“Hindi fresh yung tattoo sa noo, it means matagal na o henna lang. Hindi rin marunong umarte si Kuya. Halatang scripted. Publicity stunt lamang. Gigil na gigil pa man din kayo Hahahaha! Sayang yung galit niyo,” he said.

The owner of the business, Carl Quion, promoted his business by starting several challenges and uploading videos on social media.

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