Isang host na nawalan ng show, problemado umano ngayon sa mga inutang ayon kay Cristy Fermin

Cristy Fermin and her co-hosts on Showbiz Now Na talked about a certain television host who was facing financial problems after losing his bread and butter.

In their blind item segment, Cristy, Rommel Chika, and Wendell Alvarez mentioned the male TV host who was facing a major challenge after losing their daily show.

According to Rommel, the host was so proud of the things he bought and even uploaded them on social media.

However, his achievement turned into a burden when he lost his job.

“Ipit na ipit siya ngayon dahil papaano na. Pinakamahirap po mga ka-chika ‘yong matutulog ka na hindi ka dinadalaw ng antok dahil iniintindi mo ang mga bayarin mo kinabukasan,” Cristy said.

Rommel even gave a clue that the said host became so emotional when their show ended because he already knew what would happen to him financially.

They even said that the host was not receiving enough support from the netizens due to the bad reputation he got for hosting the said show.

The hosts also hinted that the car bought by the said talent might be repossessed soon.

Cristy also explained that there was a possibility that the production company bought the car for the said host and the monthly payment was being deducted from his salary.

But because their show had ended already, there was a chance that his bosses would reclaim the car.

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