Wala pang isang taon? Xian Lim and Iris Lee wedding in New York rumor circulates

Rumors about Xian Lim and Iris Lee’s wedding suddenly circulated on social media.

Several showbiz vlogs claimed that the two tied the knot in New York just months after the actor announced breaking up with his long-time girlfriend, Kim Chiu.


The reports even included a post from Xian, which could be a hint about the special day.

“Life is the biggest reward for humanity and everything revolves around this. Expect the unexpected; Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable,” the actor wrote.

Several netizens shared their thoughts on the rumors and even expressed sympathy to Kim.


“Xian Lim and Iris Lee wedding reminds me that taxi cab theory is real. Imagine Kim and Xian been together for 11 years yet he found the one na papakasalan niya after a month of break. I guess the saying was true “men will marry his woman because he’s not ready to commit‚ not because of the length of their relationship.” and “a man settle down when they are ready‚ no matter who they are with.” building a man for another girl is heartbreaking,” netizen Heidee said.

“Kaya girls it’s really ok to ask the man of what really is his intention why he wants to form a relationship with you and vice versa,” she added.


Xian and Iris have yet to give a response to the rumors.


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