RR Enriquez, walang nakikitang problema sa itinayong resort sa Chocolate Hills: “I don’t see anything wrong”

RR Enriquez believed there was nothing wrong with building a resort in a UNESCO Heritage Site like the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

In her Instagram post, the so-called ‘Sawsawera Queen’ said that some countries like Switzerland allowed resort building around mountains.

“I don’t see anything wrong with this especially if it will help our tourism…. I remember going go Switzerland year 2016 and meron sa taas ng bundok na famous parang hotel with jacuzzi resort sila dun,” Enriquez said.

However, she believed that the controversial establishment in Bohol, the Captain’s Peak Resort, was not beautiful enough to attract tourism.

“To be honest ok sana yung idea na ito.. Kaso bakit po hindi man lang ginandahan? Hindi man lang instagramable? Paano po tayo makaka attract kung wala pong nakaka attract CHERET,” she stated.

“I love the idea po but failed po sa execution. Please maglaan kayo ng magadang budget for that,” she added.

Unlike Mt. Titlis, the Chocolate Hills in Bohol were a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The post received mixed reactions from the netizens.

“It’s an eyesore! It would have been better if the design was thoroughly thought through and aesthetically appealing for tourists; unfortunately, it looks cheap,” netizen Janua said.

“Agreee with u @rr.enriquez i dont see any problem..minsan oa lng talaga ang mga pinoy magreact .and yesss super tama ka nd man ginandahan or bononggahan since nasa chocolate hills na sya dba..love u ms rr..stay sawsawera,” netizen Martin remarked.


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