Darla Sauler, binatikos dahil sa pagpapa-unlak niya ng panayam kay Toni Gonzaga

Television writer and former staff member of Kris Aquino, Darla Sauler, went viral on social media after she was granted an interview invitation by Toni Gonzaga.

In the interview, Darla and Toni talked about the lessons they learned and how they started forgiving people to achieve peace.

The video gained the attention of the netizens, receiving 15,000 views as of writing.

However, the interview left a bad taste among Kapamilya fans, who were still disappointed in Toni’s decision to leave ABS-CBN and even supported a candidate who was unpopular among ABS-CBN followers.

“Talk about delicadeza kasi mukhang wala kayo nyan,” netizen AC Nixon said.

“ABS CBN deserve more than this person. Please naman, I can still see her face on stage when she’s campaigning. Forgiveness yes, but for a Solid Kapamilya like me, my clan, colleagues and friends – No po,” netizen @Guinevere stated.

“Mahiya ka sa pinagtatrabahuan mo darla,” netizen Mr. Commis remarked.

As of writing, Darla has yet to give any response to the criticism she received from the netizens.

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