Michael Cinco, may patama sa mga artista at influencer na gustong makalibre sa mga local brands

International fashion designer Michael Cinco couldn’t hide his disappointment over the unfair treatment being received by local fashion brands from some celebrities and influencers.

In his now-deleted Instagram story, Cinco took a swipe against the said popular figures, who spent a lot of money to buy luxury brands created from other countries, while asking for free products from local designers.

“So Filipino celebrities and famous influencers are often seen wearing European
designer clothes? It seems like they spend a fortune on these items just to keep up with the latest fashion trends… But have you ever stopped to think about why they choose to spend their money on these expensive European brands, rather than supporting our very own Filipino designers?” said Cinco.

“It’s quite ironic how these celebrities proudly wear these designer clothes, but when it comes to Filipino designers, they suddenly want everything custom-
made for them for FREE… It’s a sad reality that many talented and hardworking FILIPINO DESIGNERS have to face. They pour their hearts and souls into their creations, but are often undervalued and underpaid,” he added.

According to the designer, Filipinos should start supporting local brands instead of asking for free products.

He even admitted that he experienced the same thing many times, but hinted that he rejected those proposals.

“Every time some influencers and starlets ask me if I wanna do their wedding dress or red carpet dresses for collaboration or for FREE,” he stated.

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