Yari! Abogado ni Dominic Roque, may babala kay Cristy Fermin

The lawyer of Dominic Roque released a statement regarding the rumors disclosed by veteran columnist Cristy Fermin about their client.

It can be recalled that Cristy discussed the possible reasons why Bea Alonzo chose to cancel her engagement with Dominic.


Some of the rumors Cristy mentioned were about Dominic’s ‘dark past’ and the alleged gifts he received from different men.

She also mentioned several politicians who allegedly gave favors to Dominic.

However, Fernandez & Singson’s law office said that there was no truth about the information released by Cristy.


“We strongly condemn the malicious and defamatory public statements of Ms. Fermin. These defamatory statements were made by Ms. Fermin under the guise of entertainment news without any effort from her to confirm the same from Mr. Dominic Roque. In her vlog, Ms. Fermin made malicious defamatory innuends. These innuendos alluded that Mr. Dominic Roque has a benefactor who is a politician and that this politician is the owner of the condominium where he currently resides. The messaging of the innuendos was clear and unambiguous. In fact, the malicious and baseless innuendos were quickly picked up by social media netizens, several of whom even uploaded a photo of Dapitan City Mayor Jalosjos without his knowledge and consent. There is absolutely no truth to these malicious innuendos, Mr. Dominic Roque is a longtime friend of Mayor Jalosjos and is leasing the unit owned by Mayor Jalosjos,”  they stated.

The law office reminded me that there were laws that existed to protect their client against malicious statements.


They also denied that Dominic and Bea had a disagreement over a pre-nuptial agreement.

As of writing, Cristy has yet to give response to the statement released by Dominic’s camp.

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