Sasakyan na minamaneho ni Jaya, nabangga habang papunta siya sa concert ni Regine Velasquez

“Queen of Soul” Jaya had an unfortunate incident while on her way to watch the concert of her friend Regine Velasquez in the US.

Jaya who’s excited to meet her friend again after several years, recounted the incident which forced her to cancel her plans to watch the concert.


According to her, she was traveling with some of her friends to Sacramento, California, when their car collided with another vehicle.

The singer was still thankful that they were fine after the collision.

“I am doing ok but my friends are being checked and they will be alright, by God’s grace. Thank you Jesus for sending us divine protection and covering us with your blood. It could’ve been super worse. I’m glad Doc and Auntie Merls are ok,” she said.


“Thank you Lord for making it another day. I am grateful for your mercy and grace. Praise your Holy name.” she added.

She also reminded her fans to wear their seatbelt at all times even if they’re in the backseat.

“Please wear your seatbelts, AT ALL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE IN A VEHICLE, especially if you’re a back seat passenger,” she stated.



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