Nobyo ni Max Eigenmann, binatikos ang ama ni Daniel Mirnda

Max Eigenmann’s boyfriend, Anthony Santiago, publicly called out Daniel Miranda’s father, Martin Miranda, for allegedly disrespecting several women during an event they both attended.

In his Facebook post, Anthony posted Martin’s social media page and warned him to contact them before things go ugly.

“I’ve found you! You motherf*^er! Martin Miranda! I’m giving you till the end of this day to find my number and give me a call. Next, I will find your address and know where you live. YOU GOT LUCKY LAST NIGHT,” he said.


“You approach girls and tell them to give you a bl*w ***?! I will put a bat up your mouth and make it come out your a**! I WILL FIND YOU….” he added.

Martin quickly made a response to Anthony’s post through his social media page and apologized for his actions.


“Max Eigenmann thank you very much for accepting my heartfelt sorry and after FaceTime with you felt even worst because your so nice and to your boyfriend Anthony Santiago hope one day we can become close friends,” he said.

The Miranda family is considered an old money clan from Cebu.

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