From Unity to Division! Vice Ganda, may patama sa alitan ng mga Duterte at Marcos

Comedian Vice Ganda couldn’t stop himself from giving his indirect comment to the feud between the Duterte and Marcos family.

It can be recalled that the two powerful families exchanged criticisms amid the heated debate on the move of the current administration to change the constitution via the People’s Initiative.

On the January 29 episode of It’s Showtime, Vice and his co-host Karylle were interviewing a child during the ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids’ segment of the show about the contestant’s favorite subject in school.

The contestant shared that his favorite subject was math and currently studying division.

Vice then made a witty response to the contestant’s answer.

“Division… Division… Like the government, they also study that in the government. Division of the government,” he said.

“Yeah. Division. They used to study unity, now division,” he added.

The remarks made by Vice, who’s also a critic of the current administration received mixed reactions from the netizens.


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