Boss Toyo inamin na naligaw noon ng landas: “Naging adik at snatcher”

Jayson Luzadas, also known as ‘Boss Toyo’ is currently one of the most popular internet celebrities in the country due to his successful online show ‘Pinoy Pawnstars.’

The internet celebrity became famous on social media for collecting items that connected to the popular culture in the country.


However, before achieving success, Jayson admitted that he had a dark past.

According to him, lost his way during his childhood and committed several acts against the law.

“Nung bata ako talagang nakaapekto kasi hindi ko pala yung tama at mali nun. Dun na nag-start yung pagiging rebelde. Kahit hindi naman dapat,” said Jayson.


“I turned out to be an addict at an early age. Benta lahat ng gamit, kupit dito, kuha ng gamit doon, nagnanakaw para may pantustos ng bisyo. Sobrang pasaway, away, hindi nakapagtapos, laging kick out sa school, laging wala sa bahay. I’m longing for attention before, nakukuha ko yung attention sa mga kasama ko sa bisyo,” he added.

He also admitted that he almost lost his life several times due to his activities.

“Wala pa yun sa worst. Dati nang-iisnatch ako. Kukunin ko yung alahas, sabay sa away,” he said.


He shared that the turning point of his life was when he fell ill and was treated successfully.

Aside from trading collectibles, Jayson also owned a clothing line and other businesses.

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