Super Tekla, kinasahan umano ng customer na hindi nagustuhan ang biro niya

As Super Tekla described, being a comedian is not always a safe profession.

In an interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” Tekla, who’s Romeo Librada in real life, almost lost his life after one of his audience didn’t take his joke positively.


According to Tekla, an audience so much displeased by his joke that the latter took out his weapon and pointed it at him.

He said the incident happened when he was still starting as a stand-up comedian.

“Kasi ang joke ko sa kanya, ‘Ang ingay-ingay mo diyan eh, pabigat ka lang naman.’ Mabigat, pangit ‘yung dating, pangit ‘yung atake,” he narrated.

Fortunately, Tekla successfully persuaded the audience to calm down.


“Nakuha ko siya na, ‘Sorry, I’m a comedian. Siyempre pumasok ka sa lugar na ganito, expect the unexpected. We say something not in common, so bear with us,’” he stated.

Tekla learned his lesson during that day, and he started to be more careful with his jokes after that incident.

“Kasi mahirap eh, dapat responsibility mo ‘yun. ‘Yung words mo dapat appropriate paglapat mo sa tao para hindi offensive,” he said.


Being a stand-up comedy was very different from being a comedian on television.

While being a television comedian has limits and rules, stand-up comedians have more freedom and fewer restrictions on what they are saying to their audiences.

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