Gretchen Barretto, nakitang kasama si Atong Ang sa kilalang bilihan ng gadgets

Despite being one of the richest celebrities in the showbiz industry, Gretchen Barretto caught the netizens off-guard after she was spotted together with businessman Atong Ang looking for a gadget at a popular mall in San Juan.

In a post on social media, Grethen and Atong were seen at the Greenhills Mall in San Juan, a place known for offering below-suggested retail price gadgets and other goods.

“Ganda naman ni maam Gretchen Barretto,” the uploader said.


Netizens were surprised as Gretchen and Atong were known to be wealthy enough to buy gadgets in high-end malls to shop more privately, but they still chose to visit the crowded Greenhills Mall.

“Support local. Kahit sa Greenhills, legit ang phone jan. Basta nasa tamang store ka,” netizen Sangre said.

However, some netizens questioned why Gretchen accompanied Atong, fueling the speculations about the real relationship between the two.

Gretchen and Atong were seen several times in public and even spotted holding hands together.


It can be recalled that Atong has already clarified several times that he was only Gretchen’s close friend.

“Si Gretchen malapit siya sa asawa ko,” said Atong.

He also explained that they sometimes held each other’s hands because he was a gentleman.

“Gentleman tayo, tatawid tayo, maglalakad tayo, alangan naman hindi mo hawakan ang isang tao, maski yung kasama niya. Ang anak ko nga, lagi kong kaakbay, e,” he stated.


Gretchen was in a relationship with Antonio “Tony” Cojuangco Jr.

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