‘Kasama ko si Lord’ Jessie Virtudazo sinabing gusto niya lang turuan ng leksyon ang mga pasaway na motorista

The man who went viral on social media after he confronted three vehicle owners along the streets of Quezon City finally made his explanation to the public.

In an interview with News5, Jessie Virtudazo, who’s also being called now by the netizens as ‘Mang Boy Jr.’ and ‘Vin Unleaded’ insisted that he had a proper reason to confront the said vehicle owners, saying that they’re not disciplined enough to drive.


“Can you imagine kung sobrang bilis ko tumakbo tapos bigla mo ko ika-cut ng ganoon diba eh paano kung tinamaan ka? Sisisihin mo pa ako,” he said.

“That’s my exact point, hindi naman ako magwawating ng ganon kung walang dahilan,” he stated.

According to him, he was also not affected by the criticism he received on social media, saying that they did not know the real story behind the video.

He also believed that people would criticize others for whatever they were doing.

“Sinusunog na sila sa impiyerno, sino ba ang kasama ko? Siya lang [Lord],” he stated.


Virtudazo also didn’t show any regret for what he did.

“Why would you ask me if I have regrets for that?” he asked. “Alam mo, whatever I did, I already did,”

It can be recalled that Virtudazo reportedly has mental health problems, and his mother has already asked the public to understand his condition.


However, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) vowed not to let Virtudazo’s acts slide.

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