Janno Gibbs, sinagot ang mga fans na pumuna sa pagbabakasyon niya ilang linggo lang matapos pumanaw ang amang si Ronaldo Valdez

Janno Gibbs couldn’t hide his disappointment to the netizens who called him out after he went to Japan for a vacation, several weeks after the unfortunate passing of his father, Ronaldo Valdez.

In his Instagram post on December 31, Janno shared some of the photos taken during their family vacation at Universal Studios Japan.

“Happy New Year from The Gibbs and our extended fam,” he wrote.


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Janno’s group was visibly happy during the trip, but it was ruined by the comments made by some netizens who questioned why he was having fun despite what happened to his father.

It can be recalled that Ronaldo reportedly ended his own life.

“Your father just passed away,” one netizen said.

“I know. And?” Janno responded.

The netizen then clarified that he didn’t judge Janno, but he noticed that they’re not showing any sadness for what happened.


“Sadness does not seem to exist… not judging maybe behind each post you’re all still crying inside,” he said.

“You are judging me. Shame on you,” he responded.

Later on, the netizen apologized and realized that every person had a different way to grieve.



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