Boring na! Miel Pangilinan, hindi na apektado ng mga bumabatikos sa kanya

Miel Pangilinan said that she was already not affected by the criticisms she received from the netizens.

In her video, Miel, who just identified as a member of the LGBT community, said that she was reading the same criticism every day and she was already used to it.


According to her, it already reached the point that she was already bored by the capacity of her critics.

“After the 30th comment under one video, maybe not even the 30th, after like the 5th 10th comment under one video, they all start sounding the same to me. And then I get so desensitized because it just looks like just one person,” she said.

However, despite not being affected, Miel said that she still preferred to block her critics.

“They have no effect on me. It’s just like I’m just annoyed at how often they still come up,” she added.


It can be recalled that Miel received criticism from the netizens due to her personality and fashion sense.

Just recently, netizens made fun of her outfit when she attended a party together with her sister, Frankie Pangilinan.

“Ang weird ng mga choices nila. Decent family pero hindi naman nakikita sa mga anak. Haist. Sabagay buhay nila yan. But when you post it on public, you are prone to getting people’s different opinions and bashing,” a netizen said.


“Miel, it’s not Halloween anymore. It’s Christmas,” another netizen commented.


it’s always “anak ba to ni sharon” “ang baduy” “ang laki mo” “[unsolicited fashion/weight loss advice]” etc its so boring and predictable

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