Maselang mga video na kuha kung saan pumanaw si Ronaldo Valdez, kumakalat

Veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez’s video went viral on social media despite the plead from his family not to spread the said content.

In the said video, it showed Ronaldo’s state when he was found by the authorities in his home.


It also showed hints that the actor took his own life.

Ronaldo’s talent manager, Jamela Santos already criticized the people who recorded and uploaded the video, which considered as a privacy breach.

“Stop this!!!!! Do I have a friend from NBI? Please help!!! How can you be soooo low! Mga walang respeto!!!!! A GOOD and a brilliant man like him doesn’t deserve this!!!!! Babalik lahat ng ginawa [niyo]!!!! It’s just a matter of time,” she said.


Meanwhile, QCPD already identified the recorder and uploader of the video and already removed them from their posts.

They’re also launchaed a deeper investigation to conclude the cause of Ronaldo’s passing.


It was reported that Ronaldo was experiencing sadness due to his health condition.


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