Manager ni Ronaldo Valdez, nagtaka kung bakit siya binigyan ng bulaklak ng aktor: ‘My partner in life is gone”

Veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez’s manager, Jamela Santos, shared her last dinner with his talent on December 15, two days after his passing.

In her Instagram post, Jamela said she couldn’t believe that Ronaldo would pass away that quickly.

She even said that Ronaldo made an unusual gesture to her by giving her a bouquet of flowers.


“You always tell me that I’m the only reason why you are still living.. That’s the reason why I didn’t leave the country as much as I used to. That’s the reason why I will.drop.everthing whenever you invite me for coffee or drinks,” said

“I am at your beck and call. And i dont mind because I want to create more memories with you . At the back of my mind, I know you’re going to leave me. But I never thought you’re going to leave me this soon… I even made a eulogy for you Ala Seven Sundays ..we laugh about death .. but nothing can ever prepare you for the real thing.


“I am beyond devastated. Ikaw lang sapat na saken. You’re so weird, Pepe. You want me to have a boyfriend. You want me to continue to travel and see the world. You want me to be happy… Sabi mo saken.. You’re at your happiest when you see me happy. That you can truly be yourself when you’re with me.

“How can I ever endure this pain ??? How can I go on with my life?? Bangungot ba to ?? Sino na magko correct pag mali grammar ko ? Sino na kausap ko pagkagising ko sa umaga ? Bago matulog sa gabi? Mag isa na lang ako.. wala na ako kakampi,”



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It can be recalled that Ronaldo suspectedly ended his own life.

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