Ogie Diaz claims that Sarah Lahbati is the one with 3rd party and not Richard Gutierrez: “Hindi rin siya lalaki!”

Ogie Diaz received important information about the separation between Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez.

In his online program, Ogie cleared Richard’s name amid the issue between the actor and his celebrity wife.

According to Ogie, Sarah was not treated badly by Richard, and the actor remained loyal to the actress until the end.


However, it was a different case for Sarah, as she allegedly had a relationship with another individual.

“Sabi ng aking source, walang 3rd party, hindi nambubogbog si Richard, at yun nga ang sinasabi na hindi si Richard ang may 3rd party,” said Ogie.

“E di ba noong una ang sabi ng iba si Richard daw ang may 3rd party, tapos ngayon naman ang sinasabi nitong aking source, si Sarah Lahbati ang may 3rd party.


“Ayun nga tinatanong ko true ba iyan? Sabi tanungin nyo si Sarah, eh hindi ko naman close si Sarah. Anyway kung nanonood si Sarah pwde nyang sagutin ito kung totoong siya ang may 3rd party,” he added.

Netizens couldn’t hide their surprise after Ogie revealed that the third party involved is not a man.

As of writing, Sarah and Richard remained mum on the issue, but the latter’s mother, Annabelle Rama, already made hints about the real state of the relationship between the two.


Annabelle also took a swipe against Sarah and complained about her being a spender.


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