Ang rupok! KathNiel fans, pinag-usapan ang pagdikit ni Kathryn Bernardo sa ex-boyfriend na si Daniel Padilla

KathNiel fans couldn’t help but talk about the meeting between Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla during the ABS-CBN’s Christmas Special last December 14, 2023.

Amid the talks about the biggest breakup of the year, Kathryn and Daniel still performed together and even showed sweetness after their performance.

A video published by a KathNiel fan showed Kathryn placing his arms to Daniel, a sign that the two were still comfortable with each other even after they parted ways.


Netizens joked that a new love team was formed called ‘DanRyn’ as a replacement to KathNiel.

“Haaay my danryn heart  hahahahaha but no seriously, masaya sa pusong makita na okay na okay sila, at alam mong maayos silang naghiwalay. Hindi katulad ng mga iniimpose ng biglang fans ni kathryn ksksks doon kayo sa far away!” she said.


After they saw the video, some fans got a glimpse of hope that there was still a chance for the two to reconcile.


It can be recalled that Kathryn and Daniel confirmed their breakup but refused to disclose the reason.

Even some friends of the two believed that there was still a chance for them to fix their differences, saying that a 11 years of relationship is hard to break.

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