BBF ni Andrea Brillantes na si Bea Borres, may mensahe sa mga pumipiga sa kanya: “Wala kayong makukuha sakin”

Andrea Brillantes’ close friend, Bea Borres, addressed the netizens after she also received criticism after Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s breakup.

It can be recalled that Andrea was being blamed for the separation of Kathryn and Daniel.


As Andrea’s close friend, netizen also asked Bea if she knew something about the alleged secret relationship between the former and Daniel.

However, Bea vowed that she would not speak about the issue after she received criticism from the netizens due to her rift with Andrea’s ex-boyfriend, Ricci Rivero.

“Mag-asaran tayo dito. Wala kayong makukuha sa akin. Noong ako salita nang salita, gusto n’yong manahimik ako. Sasabihan n’yo akong sawsawera. Tapos ngayong nananahimik ako, kung anu-ano pa ring sinasabi n’yo,”  she said.

Some netizens who saw Bea’s statement couldn’t stop themselves from criticizing her for trying to defend Andrea.


“Sagutan palang ni Bea confirmed na eh! HAHAHAHAHAHA,” netizen Cas commented.

“Kahit ako tatahimik pag mali kaybigan ko eh HAHAHAHA,” netizen Killue remarked.

“Exactly, why can’t you speak up rn? In a crucial moment when YOUR BEST FRIEND is being drag. Ngayon kayo mag salita. Our oh so called “influencers”,” netizen Akemi said.


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