Xian Gaza claims that Kathryn Bernardo is already fed up of Daniel Padilla’s womanizing

Internet celebrity Xian Gaza claimed that the reason behind Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s breakup was due to the alleged womanizing habit of the actor.

In his Facebook post, Xian said that Kathryn gave his ex-boyfriend several chances to change for the better.


He even said that some women who allegedly had a relationship with Daniel talked to him.

“Pagod na ‘yan. Pagod na ‘yan sa pambabae ni ano. Pagod na pagod na ‘yan. Sa tingin n’yo for the last 11 years, isa lang? Dami, boy. Napakarami. Ang dami pang naglapitan sa ‘kin. May mga usapan pa sila, may mga picture pa sila. Ang dami,” he said.

The two also reportedly delayed their announcement and had been separated for a long-time already.


“Ayaw pa daw nila paalam sa mga KathNiel fans. Matagal na pala, mars. Hindi pala recently. Pero dine-delay lang nila ‘yung announcement. Matagal na palang break,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Kathryn and Daniel didn’t directly disclose the reason for their break up and announced that they would refuse to talk about the matter.

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