Nakasulat sa damit ng dating partner ni Pambansang Kolokoy na si Miss Grace, pinag-usapan ng netizens

Joel ‘Pambansang Kolokoy’ Mondina’s former partner, Grace Mondina, went viral on social media after she showed her outfit to her followers.

In her Facebook post, she flaunted her t-shirt, which embedded the message ‘legal wife,’ which netizens believed was her swipe against Joel’s new partner, Dawn Sherrine.


“Don’t take it seriously. It’s just a shirt. #withmissgrace #wittymissgrace,” she wrote.

Despite her message, several netizens couldn’t stop reacting to the said photo, saying that only Grace could wear such a t-shirt because she was Joel’s former legal wife.

“It’s just a shirt Miss Grace, unless thẻ not legal ones read between the lines and take the context sỗ seriously,” netizen Ace said.

“Tinamaan ang mga shubet With Miss Grace. Baka naman may pang give away ka sa amin mga legal wife,” netizen Glorie remarked.


It can be recalled that Joel and Grace ended their marriage after 25 years due to an alleged third-party issue.

The two also decided to file a divorce to end their bond legally.

Joel was living with Dawn, who was criticized by Grace several times.


“For Dawn Sherrine Esguerra, please stop stalking my social media platforms, you and your minions. You need to move on. You’re already with Joel. You already have him. You can have him. Just grow up. Stop stalking me. Stop saying things that are so mean, so cruel just because I’m living my life,” Grace said.


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