Chowking nagsalita na tungkol sa isang crew nila na pinaglako ng produkto sa labas

Fast-food restaurant giant Chowking published a statement following the viral video showing one of their crews selling their products outside their establishment.

The video showed the employee working at one of the franchises of Chowking in Davao while offering several restaurant products and even carrying samples to the residents of a subdivision.

According to Chowking, they were already “treating” the issue seriously and already notified all their restaurants to suspend the said practice.


They also assured that the said employee was still working at Chowking.


“We assure our customers and the public that we are treating this matter seriously. As such, we have asked the store to place the said activity on hold while the guidelines to ensure compliance with our standards are undergoing review. Further, the concerned team member continues to be a valued member of the store,” the statement from the company reads.


“At Chowking, upholding ethical standards in conducting business is a core commitment, and the safety and well-being of our team members remain our top priority,” they added.

Meanwhile, Jollibee Foods Corp., the one handling Chowking, said that there were no plans to remove the said employee.

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