Rhian Ramos, hindi natuwa sa umano’y trato ng Miss Universe CEO kay Michelle Dee

Actress Rhian Ramos couldn’t hide her dismay after watching an online video showing Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip talking to Filipina beauty queen Michelle Dee.

In the video, Anne could be heard speaking in her native language, and only the word ‘move on’ could be recognized by Filipino pageant fans, including Rhian.

Rhian interpreted the video as a disrespect to Michelle.

“I don’t like how this looks. My stomach is turning. Buti marespeto ‘yung kaibigan ko, eh sila?” said Rhian. “Ewan. Kayo na lang ang humusga,”

Meanwhile, a Filipina who’s teaching in Thailand translated Anne’s words, saying that the businesswoman was addressing Thai pageant fans.

“Sabi nya, Stop saying can’t move on and that she’ll make a song titled ‘Can’t Move On’ dahil madaming di maka move on na Thai fans. Sabi nya rin huwag na daw magalit sa kanya mga Thai kasi good for Thailand naman daw ang result, be happy nalang daw.” netizen @dame.verte said.

Other netizens also accused Anne of trying to escort out Michelle during the competition.

As of writing, Anne has yet to give any response to the criticism she received from Filipino pageant fans who were sceptical of her decision to buy the Miss Universe Organization.

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