Elizabeth Oropesa, inamin na mayroon silang anak ni Dante Rivero na matagal nilang nilihim

Award-winning actress Elizabeth Oropesa confirmed a long rumor about her love child with veteran actor Dante Rivero.

In an interview with Snooky Serna, Elizabeth said she met Dante when they became part of the movie Lumapit… Lumayo ang Umaga in 1975.

She then said that Dante was her greatest love and admitted they had one child.

According to her, no one knew about their relationship because of the secretive nature of show business during the 70s.

“Of course, we have one son. hindi lang kasi ako madaldal. Noong araw kasi, hindi uso yung… wala naman social media,” Elizabeth said.

“And then you don’t normally talk about your personal life before,” she added.

Elizabeth said that her son with Dante was already in his 40s.

She also described Dante was only the only showbiz personality she had a relationship with.

“Dante is the only man in my life that belongs to the showbiz world. Siya lang, walang iba,” she said.

Today, Dante and Elizabeth are still active in show business.

Dante has yet to give any response to the revelation made by Elizabeth.


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