Rendon Labador, ibinahagi ang mismong eksena ng pag-alis ni Janno Gibbs sa gitna ng interview sa kanya

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador shared the footage during Janno Gibbs’ walk-out amid the interview with him.

It can be recalled that on November 10, Rendon was invited as a guest on “The Mens Room” with Stanley Chi and Janno and claimed that he was not treated well by the singer-comedian due to the criticism he threw against Michael V.


“Hindi ko nagustuhan yung ginaawang interview kagabi sa TV5 “The Mens Room” with @jannolategibbs & @stanleychi pumunta ako as a professional na tao sa show ninyo, kung namamahiya lang kayo ng guest ninyo ay tigilan ninyo nalang yan,” said Rendon.

Several days after he criticized Janno, Rendon then posted the whole footage of the incident, showing that the two were just trying to prank Stanley.

Rendon showed how Stanley tried to calm Rendon while the latter was mulling to criticize their show on social media due to the unprofessionalism of Janno.


It also revealed how Janno personally asked Rendon to prank Stanley.

“Plano ko i-good time si Stanley. Ganito ang plano, ang cue ko ay si Michael V,” Janno told Rendon.

“Hindi ba aatakihin sa puso yan si Stanley? Mukhang malabot kasi,” Rendon asked Janno.


After the prank was revealed, Janno returned to the stage to continue the interview while Rendon explained that he was already a changed man.

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