Abegail Rait pinag-shopping ang kanyang anak na si Francesca M.

Abegail Rait shared her bonding with her daughter Francesca M. several days after they faced controversy for proclaiming themselves as the second family of the late rapper Francis Magalona.

In the vlog posted by Dane Grospe, Abegail showed their visit to the mall with her child and bought her several things, including shoes.

According to the receipt, the shopping spree of Francesca cost her mother P27,000, a small amount compared to the money they earned after selling Francis’ jersey for P500,000.

It can be recalled that netizens questioned how Abegail spent the money she earned from selling the jersey she sold to Jayson Luzadas, also known as ‘Boss Toyo,’ a popular collector.

Some speculated that Abegail spent the money for her campaign as a barangay official.

However, she denied the accusations, saying that Francesca benefited from the money they got.

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