Nasan si Paolo? Yen Santos, mag-isang namili sa isang mall

Netizens spotted Yen Santos at a mall amid the issue being faced by her boyfriend, Paolo Contis, due to his sweetness towards his co-host on Eat Bulaga, Arra San Agustin.

In a Facebook post shared by staff from one of the establishments visited by Yen, the actress was seen looking for gadgets without her boyfriend.

Netizens couldn’t stop asking why Paolo didn’t accompany Yen as he had during their dating days.

Breakup rumors between Paolo and Yen circulated online because of the former’s action towards Arra.

Some fans also sympathized with Yen for the actions being done by her boyfriend on television.

However, Paolo clarified that he only followed his sketch on Eat Bulaga, which included his sweetness towards his co-host.

There were also some reports that Paolo and Arra were trying to form a love team like AlDub.

But some entertainment reports, including Cristy Fermin, were not convinced that Paolo and Arra would also become as popular as AlDub due to the ‘playboy’ image of Paolo.

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