‘Angkol’ Nawat makes fun of MJ Lastimosa being called as ‘the worst beauty queen’

Miss Grand International owner Nawat Itsaragrisil made fun of Miss Universe 2014 MJ Lastimosa several days after he banned the Filipina beauty queen from the upcoming events of his organization.

In his livestream, Nawat was spammed by MJ’s fans, but the Thai businessman made a creative way to counter his critics.

“Oh my God, everybody say MJ. Thank you,” said Nawat while clapping.

“My question is who is the worst beauty queen from Philippine, you answer a lot MJ… She will sad, Filipino say MJ [is the worst]… I agree,” he added.

It can be recalled that Nawat declared that he would ban MJ from all the events of his organization after the Filipina beauty queen laughed at the answer of one of her guests who called MGI  the ‘worst pageant.’

“If it true, I don’t. It’s not true. I got the prize. I got best beauty pageant of the year. I have a good production. But you do that like this. I think we are no more, any more relationship in between MJ and our organization and myself,” he said.

“Don’t come to Miss Grand anymore. Okay? We don’t know each other from now. I don’t want to meet the people like you. It’s below standard. It’s not sincere,” he added.

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