MJ Lastimosa sinagot si Nawat Itsaragrisil ng Miss Grand International: “May disclaimer naman yung show mare”

Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ Lastimosa responded to Miss Grand International (MGI) President Nawat Itsaragrisil, who just recently ended his friendship with the beauty queen.

In her Facebook post, MJ reminded Nawat about the disclaimer that the opinions of her guests do not reflect the views of its hosts, including her.

“May disclaimer naman yung show namin mare baka kelangan lang itranslate , pagod ang kumare nyo,” she said.

It can be recalled that Nawat expressed his disappointment towards MJ for laughing after one of her guests on her vlog called MGI, the worst pageant in the Philippines.

While MJ was not the one who criticized MGI, Nawat couldn’t hide his sadness at the reaction of the beauty queen, whom he considered a friend.

“I met her many times. I’m really friendly and offer her a lot of things. She always said, ‘O, Miss Grand is number one and the huge production.’ So, that’s why last year she fly, buy her own ticket to Indonesia, and ask me favor the ticket, favor going inside backstage to doing the clip or interview, even interview myself,” the Thai businessman said.

“I help her everything because I’m friendly and appreciate in that time because I think if friend it must be better than others. So when I went to Manila, anytime we keep calling, we are the good friend and I help her a lot.

“Even this year in Vietnam, she come to Ho Chi Minh, she came to Ho Chi Minh, she came to watch Miss Grand. Before she leave from the hotel, Rex Hotel, at the lobby. I meet her at the lobby before she leave. A couple day after coronation night, we say, ‘Oh, I love you. I like Miss Grand. Miss Grand is okay, number one.'”

Nawat then declared that he would ban MJ from all MGI events.

“If it true, I don’t. It’s not true. I got the prize. I got best beauty pageant of the year. I have a good production. But you do that like this. I think we are no more, any more relationship in between MJ and our organization and myself,” he said.

“Don’t come to Miss Grand anymore. Okay? We don’t know each other from now. I don’t want to meet the people like you. It’s below standard. It’s not sincere,” he added.

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