Patama kay Ricci? Caption ni Andrea Brillantes, nakatanggap ng atensyon sa mga netizens

Andrea Brillantes gained thousands of reactions on social media due to her caption on one of her posts.

In her Instagram post, Andrea uploaded her Halloween costumes inspired by the movie ‘Mean Girls.’

However, her caption also gained attention from the netizens as she received criticism from her ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero and his family.

“Why are you so obsessed with me?” she said.

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Netizens wrote their reactions to Andrea’s caption.

“Yong chill lang si Andrea tapos Yong ex buong angkan nakikialam na sa issue,” netizen Aya said.

“Buti pa to chill chill lang… Samantalang ung lalaki panay dada,” netizen Shean remarked.

“Alam kasi ng magulang ni Andrea na yakang yaka ng anak nila sa ganitong situation eh yung guy alam ng parents nila duwag kaya ayun kinampihan ng buong pamilya,” netizen Almira commented.

Andrea was known for not addressing Ricci directly when discussing her most recent relationship, but she couldn’t stop herself from taking swipes against her ex-boyfriend.

Her recent statements forced Ricci’s family to defend their son finally and even insinuated that Andrea was ‘misguided.’

“I can only wish all the best iha and when the time comes at lumabas na ang tutuo i just hope maka bawi ka pa. We really feel sorry for you coz misguided ka ng mga naka paligid sayo,” Ricci’s father, Paolo Rivero said.

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