KC Concepcion may hinihiling noon kay Santa Claus noong kabataan niya: ‘I want to bring them back together’

KC Concepcion revealed that she already lost hope that her parents would reunite again after their separation in 1993.

On her vlog she uploaded after the ‘Dear Heart’ reunion concert of her parents, Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta, KC said that seeing her father and mother on the same stage was one of her childhood dreams.

KC even revealed that during her younger years, she often asked Santa Claus to reunite her parents.

“I remember I would ask Santa Claus to hopefully bring them back together because I so wanted to have a complete family, and I knew that they loved each other and that the Philippines is so small that they could just run into each other and they’re both actors,” said KC.

However, her wish for Santa didn’t happen as both her parents formed their own families.

The actress also never saw her parents being friends and seeing each other, that’s why she was also surprised after being informed about the reunion concert.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would still be able to experience sharing moments with the two of them together—laughing, smiling, talking. I don’t really remember them being friends when I was growing up, so I never really thought that it would be possible to see them in one place, just OK and on good terms,” she said.

“When I was reading the script, parang mangiyak-ngiyak talaga ako kasi ang dami kong hindi alam about their love team and professional life. Para akong kinakabahan dahil hindi lang siya show for me, it’s my life,” she added.

KC was happy that even at once, she saw that her family was complete.

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