Ama ni Ricci Rivero, may patama kay Andrea Brillantes: “Malalaman natin sa huli kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo”

Ricci Rivero’s father has had enough of the critics who kept writing comments against his basketball player child.

Paolo Rivero clashed with some netizens on social media amid the continuous criticism being received by Ricci due to his break up with Andrea Brillantes and admitting his relationship with Leren Bautista.

In his lengthy posts on social media, Mr. Rivero kept saying the phrase ‘time is the ultimate truth teller’ to defend his son.

Mr. Rivero even took a swipe against Andrea, saying that she was being wrongly guided by the people surrounding her.

“The reason why we always ask God for guidance and blessings is because we know we are on the right side. Really, time is the ultimate truth-teller. Time will come we will know who’s lying and who’s not. We may be outnumbered now but I truly believe that if God is with you, who can be against you. God has a perfect timing for everything. Those who wish something bad happens to us will definitely be accountable to our creator, Lord God,” he said.

“You can guys can say anything but in the end our family can still go to bed and have a good sleep because we know KUNG SINO ANG SINUNGALING AT SINO ANG GUMAGAWA NG KWENTO AT PA-PANIWALAIN ANG MGA TAGA SUPORTA and asking others to spread false information just to gain sympathy. She might not be taking in public but definitely asking her friends to post and spread false rumors, alam mo yan iha,” he added.

In another comment, he urged the netizens to check the facts first before giving their opinion on the issue, saying that the rumors that Ricci had not doing his laundry for a year were definitely not true.

According to him, they did their best to keep mum on the issue, but they already decided to defend Ricci publicly because of the bad treatment experienced by their son in school.

He also said that Ricci worked hard to buy his own belongings and never relied on his partner to buy things.

As of writing, Andrea has yet to give any response to Mr. Rivero.

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