Dating asawa ni Joey de Leon na si Daria Ramirez, may panawagan sa E.A.T host: “Kailangan ko ng tulong mo”

Veteran actress Daria Ramirez had publicly appealed to her former husband, Joey de Leon, to help her amid the challenges she was facing.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Daria talked about her past relationship with the E.A.T. host, including how they separated.

Daria, who’s the mother of Kempee and Cheenee de Leon, said that she was hoping that Joey would notice her appeal.

She even revealed that even her children were aware of her problems, but they chose not to interfere with their parents.

According to Daria, she was hoping that Joey would assist her financially.

“Don De Leon, baka naman you know. Siguro naman nararamdaman mo, di mo lang pinapansin eh. Kailangan ko ng tulong mo. Baka naman maalala mo ako. Hintay lang ako. Hindi lang masabi ng mga anak natin dahil ayaw nilang gumitna. Alam mo yun. At mas lalong alam ko kasi nakakausap ko sila,” she stated.

As of writing, the veteran comedian has yet to respond to the appeal made by his former wife.

Joey was the current co-owner of TVJ Productions, reportedly receiving hundreds of millions of pesos during their partnership with TV5.

Aside from E.A.T, Joey’s production company also provided content to TV5, including Wow Mali: Doble Tama and the possible revival of Iskul Bukol.

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