80’s star na si Brandy Ayala, namumungkal nalang ng basura para makakain

After more than 40 years, one of the so-called 80’s group ‘Street Beauties,’ Brandy Ayala, was ironically living as a street dweller now.

Entertainment reporter Morly Alinio, on October 28, checked the condition of Brandy, one of the talents of the controversial manager Rey dela Cruz.

On his vlog, Morly successfully found Brandy several years after she was reportedly missing after selling her house.

Brandy was currently showing signs of severe psychosis, and she was now unrecognizable by many people.

According to the people observing Brandy, the former actress was not keen on accepting help or food from other people since she sold her home.

However, when Brandy accepted the money offered by Morly and insisted on returning the change to the reporter.

Several reports indicated that Brandy was schizophrenic and could only be helped by psychosocial support and taking medicines.

It’s not yet known if some groups would try to rescue Brandy and try to save her.

Brandy was possibly facing the same challenges as the viral beggar in Cebu City, Berta, who was once a teacher who received help from the netizens after gaining popularity on social media.

Currently, Berta is behaving normally and helping other people who suffer mental illness like him.

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