Sharon Cuneta apologizes to KC Concepcion: “We couldn’t give you that complete family,”

Megastar Sharon Cuneta publicly apologized to her eldest daughter, KC Concepcion, for not giving her a complete family after her separation from Gabby Concepcion in 1993.

Attendees of the “Dear Heart” reunion concert of Sharon and Gabby became teary-eyed after KC appeared on stage and performed ‘Ikaw’ together with her parents.

Sharon explained that she chose the song to dedicate to her oldest child.

“The first child to come and make me feel like a mother was this not-so-little girl beside me. She made my life complete. And if there’s anything that I regret…” Sharon said while trying to stop crying.

The Megastar then explained to KC that even if her family was not complete, she was loved by her mother and father.

“Sorry, we couldn’t give you that complete family. But you have two families that love you. But Papa and I we never stopped loving you. You were never the problem,” she stated.

It can be recalled that KC was so happy and never expected that she would see her parents perform on the same stage again.

Teka lang, moment ko ito. My gosh! Ang sarap niyong makita together sa isang stage,” KC said.

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